Dear friends,

We are now on to the final stage of N100 2016 and I am excited to announce that the Top 3 N100 startups this year are (in alphabetical order): AXIS, PinPress and Virtual SurgerySIM. On behalf of Northumberland CFDC, our partner, Spark Centre, and our sponsor, MathWorks, congratulations to CEOs Trung Pham, Asif Khan and Ben Sainsbury, who will each make full investment presentations to the Board of Directors of Northumberland CFDC on Wednesday next week.

Special thanks to advisors Szanne McNutt (University of Waterloo), Jeffrey Peng (UOIT) and Brittany Ugolini (Sampler) for coaching the Finalists during board room simulations held last week in Cobourg. We deeply appreciate your ongoing support—your advice and insights are invaluable.

And most definitely we salute ALL of the Finalists for their competitive showing. Although it is inevitable that for most participating startups, the N100 competitive odyssey must come to an end at some stage, many of you have successfully secured approval for performance-based non-dilutive seed funding through our parallel startup initiative, N1M—including Comfable, NuPhysics, Ideacloud and Pixelnomial—and so we will be able to continue to work closely with you to accelerate and champion your ventures. N100 is a way for us to find you, connect with you, and add value to your entrepreneurial journey.

For the N100 Top 3, AXIS, PinPress and VSS, we turn to board room investment presentations on June 15th in Cobourg. Each startup will have approximately one hour with the Board of Directors who will ultimately select the winner of N100 2016. The winner will receive a $100,000 investment in the form of a convertible note and will be positioned strongly for follow-on investment. They will also join a very special club including past winners: UCIC, Linkitz and Qoints.

Stay with us as we reach the penultimate moment in this year’s competition.

~John Hayden, for the N100 team