As always, we encourage you to consult the official N100 Rules.

Q: Can my startup win the entire $250,000 in available investment?
A: Yes, it is theoretically possible and the Rules do not preclude that only one of the three Finalists will come away with the entire $250,000. Any combination of investment is possible, based on the strength of the proposals from the Finalists.
Q: If we are selected to pitch in the Semi-Finals, do we have to attend Pitch School?
A: Yes, N100 pitch school workshops are mandatory. It is a chance for us to get to know you, and a chance for you to practice and hone your pitch. You may not be used to the MIT$100K style 3-minute verbal format (no props, visual aids or slide decks). It’s worth taking the time to get it right. Past participants have gotten a lot out of these workshops and we’ve featured peer-to-peer lightning round mentoring from other startups and support from N100 Advisors including folks from DeltaV, the Impact Centre at the University of Toronto, and Spark Centre. We run a pitch simulation, eat pizza and have a lot of fun. You will come away from the workshop being able to confidently and concisely convey your product, company and vision. A useful skill to have.