Past Winners


2013 - UCIC


2014 - Linkitz


2015 - Qoints


2016 - PinPress

N100 Winner 2016 – PinPress

PinPress is a patented, shape-shifting technology for manufacturing that puts one thousand molds into one tool—virtually eliminating the cost of changeovers and downtime with a mold that changes shape on the fly. ENGINEERING.COM mused that dynamic mold technology may prove more important to the manufacturing sector than 3D printing.

The company (led by Co-Founder and CEO and University of Waterloo nanotechnology engineer, Asif Khan) is currently working with a network of manufacturing partners to apply the technology in production applications. Winner of the 2016 OCE GlobalStart Pitch Competition, PinPress is a HAX and JLABS startup.

“Winning N100 allowed us to add a lot more credibility to what we’re doing and opened doors for us. And in some ways that’s more important than the 100K—all of the other resources they provided to us as a winner of N100. Northumberland CFDC helped me develop the pitch, the one investors will hear and the people who are actually considering putting money into our company. The strong support from N100 as well as local manufacturers is truly appreciated by our team.”

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Asif Khan

CEO and Co-Founder, PinPress

N100 Winner 2015 – Qoints

Led by CEO Cory Rosenfield and COO Harris Maxwell, Qoints was the winner of N100 2015. Qoints is a SaaS solution for Digital Marketing Intelligence (DMI) and competitive benchmarking for consumer brands and agencies. Marketing information is anonymized by Qoints and then grouped in order to create industry averages, helping those that opt in to compare their tactics in order to make better decisions and increase sales.

Following closely on their success with N100, Qoints was selected as a Finalist from a pool of 11,000 applications to the world’s largest business idea competition, Buffalo’s 43North. That achievement landed them a cash prize of $250,000 USD (about $330,000 CAD today) and a bridgehead to their US market. Qoints was recently acknowledged by Mark Evans as one of Canada’s hottest startups to watch in 2016 (read more in BetaKit and The Financial Post).

“The N100 win is a game changer for the Qoints team. Previously, the company was bootstrapped through funds we generated from previous business in addition to some government grants. We had been discussing an equity investment with a number of parties – many were looking for a lead investor or more business validation. N100 provides both of these and much more!”

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Cory Rosenfield

CEO and Co-Founder, Qoints

N100 Winner 2014 – Linkitz

Founded by serial entrepreneur and MIT PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Lyssa Neel, Linkitz was the winner of N100 in 2014. Along with CTO Drew Macrae, and CEdO Christopher Wallace, Neel has pioneered the development of a new modular, wearable programmable electronic toy—a codeable friendship bracelet designed to inspire young girls to pursue their interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Backed by SOSVentures and part of the 2013 cohort of its global hardware accelerator, HAX, Linkitz has received wide acclaim for its mission to help address the gender gap in STEM fields by inspiring a new generation of women in tech (See Fortune, TechCrunch, Global News). Linkitz successfully raise more than $100,000 on Kickstarter—launched at We Are Wearables Toronto last year at an event sponsored by N100.

“Working with N100 has been a fantastic experience for Linkitz. I can’t say enough about how much help and support we received from our N100 advisors. Whether it was introductions to partners, suggestions for relevant grant and prize funding, doing PR, helping with our Kickstarter launch, and so much more-we could count on N100 to be behind us the whole way.”

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Lyssa Neel

CEO and Co-Founder, Linkitz

N100 Winner 2013 – UCIC

Unified Computer Intelligence Corporation

Unified Computer Intelligence Corporation (UCIC) won the inaugural N100 with Ubi, their groundbreaking voice-interactive “ubiquitous” computer. As seen in Forbes, TechCrunch, and The MIT Technology Review, Ubi was successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter (raising $225,000 from backers) and the company went on to raise $635,000 from Maple Leaf Angels.

“Ubi represents freedom from wires and devices.”

Steve Wozniak

Co-founder, Apple Computer

Today, UCIC offers end-to-end engineering services for implementing voice interaction in consumer electronics, the Internet of Things and other environment-based offerings. UbiKit now powers other products and allows users to interact with them in new and innovative ways. For CEO and Co-Founder, Leor Grebler, the future is a world where everything from appliances to furniture is connected to the internet.

“Winning N100 completely transformed our startup. We had been circling investors around the time of the competition but winning N100 helped close our first round of funding.”

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Leor Grebler

CEO and Co-Founder, UCIC

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